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Web Development

We create mobile-first websites optimized for performance and user experience. Internally called 'the code sorcerers,' our web dev team design and build custom websites on WordPress, Shopify, and other popular platforms.

we develop websites backed by industry research

we develop websites backed by industry research

We create mobile-first websites optimized for performance and user experience. Internally called ‘the code sorcerers,’ our web dev team design and build custom websites on WordPress, Shopify, and other popular platforms.

Modern websites should load in under 2 seconds and 1 second for mobile users. Failure to capture a site visitor in the first seconds leads to losing a potential client.

73% of your competitors invest in design to help their brand stand out from competitors, while a superb user experience leads to 400% higher conversion rates.

When we develop a website, we put users first because 50% of consumers believe that website design is crucial to the overall brand experience (source).

🖥️ Web Development in 8 steps

website development services

landing page

Standalone web page created specifically for a marketing or advertising campaign.

corporate website

For small, medium and large companies, dealers and technology companies.

eCommerce Store

Building & optimizing online stores to help your customers pay online for products & services.

website research

Pre-development research that reflects all the needs of your business on the Internet.

website templates

We use ready-made templates for quick launch: business and online stores. Ideal for businesses on the budget.

Product Catalogue

Interactive website to showcase your products & services.

Digital Strategy

Developing comprehensive strategies to generate traffic to your site.

why us?

Whether you need a website on WordPress, Shopify, Hubspot, or something custom-built from scratch, you can trust our 7+ years of industry experience to guide you through every step of this exciting journey.

Experienced team

A strategic, technical and creative team will develop your new website.


With 7 years of industry experience, we know how to achieve the most ambitious goals.

adequate fees

Fees are structured with small businesses in mind—no hidden fees.


We'll create custom visuals or write a few lines of code if that helps your store get ahead of the competition.

fast turnaround

If you need to launch a website tomorrow, we'll stockpile coffee to make it happen.

We're Humans

We provide premium support to our clients. Get in touch whenever you have a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is unlikely as we create a proposal where we describe in detail the result you get: functional modules, structure, what will be included in the basic content, and the amount of work done by each specialist.
We agree with you on each phase of the project per the proposal. If the result contradicts the project proposal, we make changes.

This is out of the question. Before we begin any work on the site, we prepare an agreement outlining all the project’s terms and conditions. You have our support.

We’ve been developing websites for the past 7 years and have grasped the key qualities of the best website. Further marketing to generate traffic lies on the client’s shoulders. However, you can use our website promotion service if you need help with what to do next with your new website.

It’s critical for the project’s success to involve both parties in the development process. You or your marketing specialist will need to provide our team with content, visuals, and feedback to ensure the website is being developed in line with your brand guidelines and objectives.

Yes, absolutely! We develop websites on WordPress, HubSpot and other visual builders, which allow anyone without any prior web development knowledge to make changes to the site. Before we hand over a new website, we’ll hold a workshop to teach you the basics of managing a site on your chosen platform. We’ll explain how to update pages, add visuals and products, and create content.

Since every project is unique, we need to schedule an initial meeting to learn more about your business goals, site requirements, and project timeline. We will send you a proposal within the next few days.

We can do basic SEO for your site as part of the web development process. However, it’s a standalone service. You can learn about it by speaking with our team during the initial meeting.

Depending on the website’s complexity, we provide free support to clients between 3-12 months after the website is complete.

We develop websites on WordPress, Joomla, HubSpot, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and Drupal. If your site is built on another CMS, let us know, and we’ll recommend the best options.

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