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BPA is your marketing agency to take on marketing projects. From small to epic goals, we help you accomplish every growth goal. We offer a variety of digital marketing services and data-driven strategies to suit your needs.

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Marketing Automation

Your partners to design, implement and optimize a marketing automation program. We specialize in building intelligent chatbots, automated email drip campaigns, CRM integrations, social media automation and more.

Email Marketing

Move beyond simple "buy now" & "happy client-versary" email campaigns with our advanced email strategies. Enter a land of endless opportunities: convert more leads, recover abandoned carts, spike webinar registrations & make your customers the best friends.

Search Engine Optimization

Your quest to claim #1-page ranking in Google can be less painful if you strictly adhere to on-page, off-page & technical SEO strategies. We're helping your business grow organically on Google, Bing, Yandex & Baidu.

Digital Advertising

Are you planning to triple sales with a new promotion, but you ran out of creative juice? We're developing transparent, effective & optimized digital advertising campaigns. Know your targeting, what, where and why you're spending.

Usability: UX - CX - CI

We evaluate how well your website or app comply to over 200 recognized usability principles across 6 key heuristics:
- Visibility of System Status
- Aesthetics, Design & Trust
- Task Orientation
- Design Practices

eCommerce Marketing

Make your store a 24/7 selling machine. Global digital commerce year-over-year grew by 58%, while global shopper spending increased by 31%. We develop online stores optimized for user experience, search engines, secure payments, and ever-changing consumer behaviour.

Chatbot Development

We create chatbots that simplify and speed up client interaction and internal communication. We help with technical implementation, think through conversation flow, and design different case scenarios. We integrate chatbots with messenger apps, websites, eCommerce and mobile apps.

Web Development

We create mobile-first websites optimized for performance and user experience. Internally called 'the code sorcerers,' our web dev team design and build custom & NoCode websites on WordPress, Shopify stores, and web apps.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is emerging branch of marketing that bridge digital and physical world to create unique, highly interactive experiences for consumer.

[free] Consultation + marketing audit

Contact us to request a free consultation + a free  marketing audit. While we’re gathering information for our meeting, you can relax and grow that plant you’ve been trying for so long.