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Hi, about

Brain-Powered Agency

Vision, "we believe that any organization can use our 7+ years in the digital marketing industry to build a high-converting pipeline and beat the competition"

Mission, "help small businesses survive digital transformation"

Values, "transparency, integrity, respect"

Helping Small Businesses Grow!

The cost of digital marketing has increased by 17% year over year. Keeping your business competitive and growing it with new advertising channels requires a data-driven & technological approach. We're here to make your most ambitious business goals come true at the lowest possible cost.

small but mighty team of experts in digital marketing

Brain-Powered Agency – is a full-service marketing agency with digital offices in Vancouver and Calgary.

We specialize in marketing automation, advertising, email marketing, usability, eCommerce, SEO and web & app development.

Here’s our story: having worked for large corporations for the past 7 years and noticing how agencies were overcharging or forcing clients to sign contracts through devious schemes, we decided to step up and help businesses achieve their goals, not their chequebooks.

We believe that “knowledge is power,” and every small business owner deserves a fair fight in this highly competitive world. 

Let’s get in touch and discuss your current challenges and how we can tackle them. We’ll get back to you within the next hour.

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Contact us to request a free consultation + a free marketing audit. While we’re gathering information for our meeting, you can relax and sign up for that 10k run you’ve been putting off for so long.